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Matcha is a crypto trading platform powered by 0x. We are a decentralized exchange meaning that users swap their tokens peer-to-peer through the Ethereum smart contract infrastructure. Matcha was meticulously designed to be super easy to use. Your average decentralized exchange has a steep learning curve and is difficult for most people to figure out. We set out to make a trading platform that is approachable and friendly to use, more similar to Robinhood than a professional order book exchange. Under the hood, Matcha will find you the best price across various liquidity sources, including 0x...

Smart Contracts 2
Balance: 0
24H Users: 58
24H Tx: 138
24H Volume: $2,024
7D Tx: 871
7D Volume: $18,728
$2,024 Volume (24h)
138 Transactions (24h)
0 Avg ETH balance
Last 12h - 1h interval
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