OpenAlexa High Risk
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We are excited to present, first of its kind decentralized network marketing platform to earn Ethereum simply sitting at your couch by OpenAlexa. It is a smart contract-based, decentralized [no owner] platform that gives an opportunity to earn almost 4000+ ETHs in 60 days. To start off with, the initial investment ranges somewhere around $6 making it a comparatively cheaper option than the major crypto investing options in the market. How OpenAlexa works? OpenAlexa runs on a smart contract on Ethereum which is immutable with completely transparent functionality which can be verified by everyo...

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Balance: 0
24H Users: 49
24H Tx: 51
24H Volume: $18,401
7D Tx: 402
7D Volume: $160,540
$18,401 Volume (24h)
51 Transactions (24h)
0 Avg ETH balance
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