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TEWKENAIRE is the platform that houses immutable smart contracts built on smart-contract blockchain protocols and tokens like TRON, ETH and HEX. There are seven smart-contracts on the TEWKENAIRE Network which are Hexmax, Hextew, Hexrise, Stable(TRX), Stable(ETH), Crazy and INFINITEW. All of our contracts are open-source and can be verified on the blockchain

Smart Contracts 7
Balance: 22,921,807
24H Users: 472
24H Tx: 5,906
24H Volume: $1,716
7D Tx: 35,264
7D Volume: $29,728
$1,716 Volume (24h)
5,906 Transactions (24h)
22,914,890 Avg TRON balance
Last 12h - 1h interval
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