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Open imToken and click 'Market' to trade on imToken Tokenlon DEX. imToken Tokenlon is a decentralized exchange with off-chain limit orders and on-chain settlement based on 0x. Its modular design prevents front-running and trade collisions, making it: - Fast to trade: As off-chain quotations present final prices that can be finalized within one block. - Easy to use: As the user sees what he gets, using one-click interface. - Cheap: As ERC20 sell orders are realized through gasless transactions - Best prices: As market makers provide prices similar to Binance and other exchanges - Mor...

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Balance: 0
24H Users: 209
24H Tx: 275
24H Volume: $511,432
7D Tx: 2,046
7D Volume: $16,342,666
$511,432 Volume (24h)
275 Transactions (24h)
0 Avg ETH balance
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